Velocity primarily serves Carabello Coffee, roasted locally by Justin & Emily Carabello.  Bags of whole bean coffee are available for sale as well.  


Carabello Coffee started in a Newport, KY garage in the Fall of 2009 with only a hot air popcorn popper and a few pounds of green coffee beans.  From there, the Carabellos have grown their home business into a way to help fund non-profits and charity work. 


The Carabellos moved their roaster into Velocity in the Fall of 2011 and very quickly outgrew their space.  The success of their roasting business enabled them to open their own coffee shop in Newport, KY exactly two years later.  They are very active in their community and also with their philanthropic efforts in other parts of the world.  We are proud to be part of their "story" and we wish them continued success.  

Regional Roasters Featured at Velocity

Since our (rare) family vacations primarily consist of visiting other coffee shops, we have come to know and love some exceptional regional roasters, whose coffees we utilize in our pour-over and French-Press drinks, such as:


Tinker Coffee Co. (Indianapolis, IN)

One-Line Coffee (Columbus, OH)

Crema (Nashville, TN)

Pilot Coffee Roasters (Toronto, ON)

Anthology (Detroit, MI)

Roasting Plant (Detroit, MI)

Wood Burl Coffee (Dayton, OH)

Quill's Coffee (Louisville, KY)

Sunergos Coffee (Louisville, KY)